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Service Questions

The applicator serial number is located on the applicators connector. Follow this link for an image - http://www.softwaveportal.com/article/where-can-i-locate-the-applicator-serial-number

Device Questions

For the applicator to release the softwaves continuously, the technician can either one double tap on the button located on the applicator then to stop to treatment single click on the same button, The tech can also use the supplied foot pedal and the softwaves will continue at the desired treatment settings until the football is released.
The nature of spark waves – electrohydraulic shock waves – is that each spark is different and each wave is also slightly different (no monotony wave, but variety). This positive effect is caused by minor differences of the materials, the water, metal electrode tips and shape of electrodes - changing shape during lifetime. This statistical effect of variation of the shockwave intensity can sometimes lead to multiple effects which generate some shockwaves with higher intensity from time to time. Electrohydraulic principle uses a high-energetic electrical discharge over a spark gap, similar to a lightening. The discharge of a high voltage capacitor delivers the high-energetic impulse to the tips of an electrode. When the voltage difference between the tips exceeds the breakdown limit of the material between (water) an electrical spark is formed. The water will be ionized and its electrical resistance is reduced drastically. A thin path of electricity finds its way from the one tip to the other which leads to a fast rise of current heating up its power channel. A plasma is formed in this power channel which starts spreading out with supersonic speed compressing the surrounding water is enormously. This change in pressure is spreading out in a spherical wave. Due to its generation the acoustic wave has directly all the physical characteristics of a shockwave from the beginning. The breakthrough of the spark is a statistical effect, therefore the acoustic wave varies in pressure and intensity from spark to spark. Since the beginning MTS has seeked to improve the SPARKWAVE technology by adjusting the electrode tips permanently during the generation of the shockwaves. This reduces the statistical effect of variation of the shockwave intensity as much as possible. However, depending also on the electrode state (end of life) and the water quality, it cannot be avoided to generate statistically some shockwaves with higher intensity from time to time.
The OrthoGold100 device is adjustable and able to deliver either high or low energy depending on the indication. Most orthopedic indications require a higher energy, while certain urology or cosmetic indications require a lower energy.