Treating with the Unfocused applicator.

Unfocused Treatments

Created: 04/04/2020 9:18 PM - Updated: 08/13/2020 8:11 AM

When using the orthogold100® ESWT probe the aim is to traverse the Soft Waves® focus through the affected region as well as some of the adjacent healthy tissue. This will ensure delivery of maximum pressure and energy to the affected area. Once the affected tissues have been accurately identified the probe is placed firmly onto the prepared skin over the desired treatment area. The probe handle is then slowly “pivoted” in a circular motion. The goal is to fan the focal zone throughout the desired treatment region while maintaining firm contact with the skin to avoid an influx of air between the probe membrane and the skin. When treating large areas it may be necessary to reposition the membrane to various areas or to slowly move or “walk” the probe along the treatment area e.g. down a tendon. The probe should always be moved with the grain of the hair and can be angled up to 20 degrees away from the perpendicular when being pivoted through a lesion. Throughout the treatment care must be taken to ensure good coupling between the probe and the skin. Areas must be treated in accordance with their anatomical structure, bearing in mind that the best results will be achieved by minimizing the amount of tissue between the affected region and the probe.

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